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How do you choose the chair?
Release date:2018/6/21 14:35:21

1. The depth of the beach chair

Generally speaking, in a more formal occasion, people's posture is very straight, and many prefer sitting in front of the chair in a "shallow" position. But at home, if you relax, you may sit deeper. The whole person seems to be in a chair. When you choose to buy, you can sit there and try to see the whole body's sense of depth, and you will know whether it takes into account the needs of public and private.

2. The height of the foot of a beach chair

The height of the foot of a beach chair is related to the length of the user's leg. Apart from the high chair of the bar chair, the height of the seat is not too exaggerated, but if there is a small or young child in the family, it should be taken into consideration.

3. The height of the armrest of the beach chair

If you have the habit of hanging your hands unwillfully, you may choose a chair with a lower arm or no armrest. If you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the chair, then the armchair is higher and the seat is deeper.

4. The height of the back of a beach chair

For people who like to be "seated", in addition to the choice of no handrail, backrest stool, but also the choice of low armrest and low back chair, this time the center of gravity will be placed on the waist and hip; if you like to place the center of gravity on the back and rely on the back of the back, it may wish to choose a higher chair. It is also possible to see whether the height of the back is near the neck, and sometimes the chair near the neck makes the user habitually put the neck on the back of the neck with a 90 degree angle. In this way, it is easy to cause cervical injury.

5. The slope of the beach chair

The slope of the chair back and the softness and comfort of the "appendages" should also be taken into account.

The slope of the back of the chair is 90 degrees, and most of the chairs are slightly more than 90 degrees, so that the center of gravity can make the center of gravity a little backward, and the whole person can sit steadily on the chair. The chairs with larger leisure function and larger inclination make people feel like "lying" on chairs.

6. The softness of the beach chair

The softness of the cushions and backrest is comfortable. If you do not attach the cushions and back chairs, look directly at the hardness of the material itself. "The additional part" should pay attention to what the internal filling is used and how it feels after sitting up.

7, the stability of the beach chair

From the details of the chair structure, you can know the stability of the chair, such as the joint inspection of the tenon, screw and so on, which are all very important. It is suggested that users should take a look at them and shake their bodies slightly to understand the stability of chairs.

For leisure beach chair shopping skills, more practical and convenient is the above several kinds. Nowadays, the structure and material selection of beach chair are all the same, so the choice of brand is guaranteed. Compared with the famous outdoor leisure chairs of Zhongtian and Xi Lang Lang, the choice of beach chairs does not require too much effort and more attention to detail.

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